Unwanted Sexual Touching: 25 Year Old Arrested For The 3rd Time!

On parole for a case of unwanted sexual touching of a British national of 22 years,  25 year old Ashvin Boodhooa,  was arrested again yesterday morning. The reason being that he repeated the act on a 14 year old Réunionese girl. He is held in cell after police objected to his release on bail when he appeared in Flacq court on Monday 17 October. Before the case of the British girl two years ago, this inhabitants of Sept-Croisées, Trou d’Eau Douce,  he was accused of  touching inappropriately a teenager in Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche.

Ashwin Boodhooa.

Ashwin Boodhooa.

On Thursday night 13th of October, the suspect, dressed hotel worker, was walking along the beach of Belle Mare. Arriving near the hotel where lived the Réunionese with disabilities, he inappropriately touched the girl.

The girl narrated the incident to her family and a statement to the police station of the locality, the men of the chief inspector Soodhir Ramnauth, is followed. However, it is the officers Sergeant Rakesh Luchmun the Field Intelligence Office (FIO), which arrested the suspect.

Ashvin Boodhooa was well confess his crime when the men of the FIO informed of the reasons for his arrest. During the day yesterday, he was identified by the victim during a confrontation. He hired a lawyer, who has a motion for his release on bail.

The suspect, who was working on a cruise ship was sacked. Barely a month spent on land, he indecently assaulted a British on Saturday 6th of August. The victim was walking to Centre de Flacq. Ashvin Boodhooa ran as a good Samaritan, offering the young woman to help. Wishing to purchase a SIM card, the latter agreed. The young man pretended wanting to smoke a cigarette and told her that the place where they were was a non-smoking area.

He then asked the British to accompany him in a restaurant. But he took her in a room found upstairs. He closed the door key and indecently assaulted the young woman, who had struggled and managed to escape. The day after the attack, she described the suspect in detail. This allowed the team of sergeant Luchmun to arrest Ashvin Boodhooa on Monday, 8th of August.