Victoria Hospital: A Brave 15 Year Old Judo Champion Subdues And Immobilizes A Thief

A thief took the bag of a woman in the parking area of the Victoria Hospital in Candos on Saturday October 15 and fled. However, a 15 year old judo player mastered him. The thief was sent to the police station of Quatre Bornes.

Victoria hospital.

Victoria hospital.

A 15 year old judo player was visiting his coach Priscilla Cherry, admitted for one week, at the Victoria Hospital in Candos. Around 4:00 PM, while they were talking, the teenager realized an individual was trying to break the window of a white Hyundai, parked in the parking lot near the A8 room. He informed his coach. The latter ordered him to intervene immediately.

Wasting no time, the young judo player – who was champion of Mauritius in his class – goes to the parking lot where he easily stopped the thief. The latter had seized the bag from the car owner. The bag contained a sum of Rs 12,000, according to our information.

The thief tried to escape on his motorcycle but was stopped by the young champion. He also received several blows inflicted by the judo player to a standstill.

The incident drew the attention of onlookers. After 15 minutes of immobilization, the thief was taken to the Quatre Bornes police station. The young judo champion, accompanied by his father, recorded his statement to the police of the city of Flowers.

“Before leaving, the perpetrator made threats against my son, who is still a minor. He has done its duty,” says Dinesh, father of the young judo player. He added: “I urge car owners not to let anything valuable in their car when they come to the hospital. This can put them in serious trouble. I also invite young people to learn judo, you see that this can be put into practice against life threats.”

After the arrest of the thief, Quatre-Bornes investigators went to his home at Rose Hill for a search. On site, they found several stolen items. The individual was renewed in police cell.