[Video] Arrest Of 27 “Illegal” Foreigners: Watch Images Of The Police Operation

A big operation by the elements of the Passport and Immigration Office (PIO) was conducted in the early hours of Tuesday October 18.

They conducted several raids from 4:00 AM in different regions of Mauritius to track down undocumented aliens.

Watch video:

A total of 27 foreigners were arrested during this operation. They came to Mauritius as students or workers. But their residence permit has expired.

Of the foreigners arrested, Nigeriens, Comorians, Bangladeshis, and Cameroonians.

The Tracking Team of PIO consists of sergeant Jayeprokash and corporals Lilloo and Jhuboo, constables Sewsurn, Roheemun, Seebaluck, Tandrayen, Cesar Tangman and Gokhul from the WPC .

This team is under the supervision of the Superintendent of Police Narendrakumar Boodhram.

Since January, around 190 foreigners in an irregular situation in Mauritius were arrested.