Champ-de-Mars: Fake Driving Instructors On The Rise!

On Monday morning, two driving school owners (operating illegally) were punished by law while giving driving lessons near Champ de Mars. Three others fled upon the arrival of the police.

The Champs de Mars is the favorite spot of apprentices drivers attending driving course.

The Champs de Mars is the favorite spot of apprentices drivers attending driving course.

“It is an illegal practice that has been going for quite some time. The association of driving schools has made a request to the Commissioner of Police for the relevant authorities involved to intervene into the matter” argues a driving instructor. “People should realize that they are causing serious damage to registered and certified instructors by the police. Ultimately, it’s our livelihood which is threatened” said one speaker.

According to him, around ten instructors operating illegally give driving lessons on the main streets of the capital. They conduct operations similar to those properly registered, so as not to attract the attention of police.

Ironically, while these people are acting illegally, they tax their customers at high prices. “Normally, a driving lesson costs between Rs 200 and Rs 225 lesson, whether in automatic or manual driving. However, these illegal driving instructors are demanding Rs 250 for manual driving lesson and Rs 300 for automatic driving lesson” said one source.

Accordingly, the day on which an aspiring driver must present himself for his driving test, “the car of the monitor suddenly falls down. Aspiring drivers are then forced to turn to a driving school registered to spend the precious test.”

Solicited by writing Xplik ou K, Parmanund Bhadye, president of the Association of Driving Schools, talks about the risk of contravention for the aspiring driver or the risk of road accidents, with all the consequences that of this result for the ‘client’.

Parmanund Bhadye stressed that “the problem of fake driving school does not date from yesterday. He appealed to the authorities to regularize the situation and put good order in the sector. “« Tan ki oto-ekol ena travay li korek. Zour ki nou pena travay, li pou vinn enn problem.. One thing is certain, driving schools are heading towards a slow death because of the reluctance of the authorities to take action against the monitors operating illegally.

Members of the public must stop cooperating in this illegal act. They must know that when they climb aboard these vehicles, they are not covered by insurance in case of accident. Now all aspiring drivers and our cars are properly insured in case something happens, “the president responded. Incidentally, the color of the license plate driving schools registered is orange.