[Exclusive] Brisée-Verdière: A Police Officer Caught Having Sex With Minor Girl By Mother

A 25 year old member of the Special Mobile Force (SMF) was arrested on Wednesday October 19 by the Brisée-Verdière police. A mother would have surprised him abusing her 14 year old girl sexually. The policeman was naked at that time, says the mother in her complaint.

The 25-year police received parole after providing a deposit.

The 25-year police received parole after providing a deposit.

That day, Devina * (40), mother of Neha * (14), woke up at about 2:25 AM, as she had to prepare herself to go to work. She went to the toilet when she heard a male voice near the room of her daughter Neha. Without delay, she opened the door and she could not believe her eyes. Her daughter was half naked and Rakesh*, their neighbor, was fully naked and in the act. Seeing the mother, the latter took his clothes and fled.

Devina has filed a complaint at the police station. Neha, a student of Form IV, was questioned by investigators. She says she called the police officer at her place to “koz koze” because she said to be in love with him.

“I do not approve this relationship”
Rakesh was arrested by the Brisée-Verdière police on Wednesday morning. He told investigators that Neha invited him home. He said he was not naked. After interrogation, he appeared before the tribunal de Flacq where he was charged with Causing a child to be sexually abused. Rakesh was conditionally released after providing a deposit.

The mother of the teenager does not hide her anger. “My daughter loves Rakesh and I do not approve this relationship. I was shocked to see him in Neha’s room. She is naive. The policeman is an adult and he should have informed me at the first place that my daughter invited him home. In the past, he proposed to her but we rejected his request. I thought my daughter had ended the relationship.”

Sought for a reaction, the mother of the policeman proclaims the innocence of his son. “My son and Neha love each other. I do not know why Devina does not approve of the relationship. It is her daughter who invited my son home. Given that he loves her, he went to meet her. They did nothing wrong and they were simply ‘talking’,” she says.
The investigation, conducted by the inspector Surchurn, is supervised by the ASP Semboo and SP Dawoonarain.

* Names have been changed