Plaine-Verte: The Augustin Family Loses Everything In Fire

He does not know where to go with his family. Since Sunday 9th October, Elizin Augustin lost everything in a fire that destroyed his home in the Périmbé Street, Plaine Verte. Since then, it is under a makeshift tent erected on fallow land that his family and him spend the night.

It was around 9.30 p.m. he said, that the fire broke out on last Sunday. Two other houses adjoining that of Elizin Augustin were also destroyed by the flames during this nightmarish night. Their occupants have since found refuge with neighbors and relatives.

“Everything has been reduced to ashes. I work for a cleaning company and I earn a meager salary. Anyway, I saved penny by penny to buy furniture and household appliances. I never bought anything on credit. But today, I lost everything, “says Elizin Augustin, father of two children.


His wife Nazmeen went blind since five years now, hardly holds out. Sitting under a tree, she implores the authorities to help his family. “We cannot live like this. I lost sight due to medical negligence. And now we have lost our home in that fire. We do not know what to do, “she cries. Only the bathrooms and toilets, which are located outside, were spared. “Fortunately we still have running water,” says Augustin Elizin.

In the wake of this case, the police opened an investigation, headed by the chief inspector Ghurburrun of the Plaine-Verte police station. A local resident, aged in his twenties was arrested on Monday 10th October. The young man apparently has psychiatric disorders and was reportedly seen setting fire to an old mattress near the house of Elizin Augustin.