South Of Mauritius: Ten Persons Arrested During A Crackdown Operation Early This Morning

Rose-Belle, New Grove, Cluny, Union Park, Mare-Tabac, Gros Billot… There was a strong mobilization in these regions of the south of the island on Thursday October 20. At around 4:00 AM, the regular police, elements of the Warrant Squad, the Divisional Supporting Unit (DSU) and the Emergency Response Service (ERS) made a crack-down operation. Ten persons were arrested.

The Rose-Belle police station.

The Rose-Belle police station.

According to an overlap of information, these people were being sought because they did not show up in court after having been in trouble with the law. Others did not settle their deposit account. They appeared in court of Mahébourg and Curepipe respectively after their arrest.

This operation was conducted by a police team led by Rose-Belle inspector Khemrazdev Joyprakash and men of the Warrant Squad under the supervision of Constable Goodoory.