[Exclusive] Grand Bay: Girl Traumatized After Indian Maniac Shows His Erected Penis On Facebook Chat

Deepa, a 13 year old resident of Grand Bay, was traumatized after a man showed her his erected penis on Facebook chat on Wednesday October 19.

Man shows his erected penis on Facebook chat.

Man shows his erected penis on Facebook chat.

This is what is happening nowadays and cannot be avoided. However, such cases can be reported to Facebook and the police to at least decrease such acts.

We also strongly advice internet users not to accept friend requests from people you do not know. But these type of unfortunate messages can be sent via message requests.

Deepa was traumatized and could not eat for a couple of days, her parents confirmed. She had to seek the advice of a psychologist and is currently under medical treatment.

Read full conversation:


Apparently, the man is from India and his message says: “Hello. How are you. I want to show you something.” After sending the photo of his erected penis the man continued: “This is my picutre Deepa. Please show me the picture of your pussy and we will go to the hotel together.”

The man is a certain Rajesh Rai and he has been reported to the police and cyber crime unit. An investigation is currently underway. It is good to know that sending nudity images is prohibited by law and the culprit could face severe punishments.