Trou-Aux-Biches: A Suspect Arrested For A Hit And Run Offence On Adolescent

The motorist suspected of having hit a schoolgirl on Saturday in Trou-aux-Biches, before fleeing, was arrested on Thursday October 20. The thirties, who appeared in court, is the subject of several interim charges.

The victim suffered a broken leg in the accident.

The victim suffered a broken leg in the accident.

The investigation into the hit-and-run offence that befell Jema (not her real name), 13, which took place on Saturday in Trou-aux-Biches has been elucidated. Police arrested a man named Vishal, 30, on Thursday October 20. He is suspected of being the driver who hit the schoolgirl. He admitted that he fled because his car had no insurance.

The number of the license plate of the vehicle allowed the sergeant Arnasala and constable Jogeea under the supervision of ASP Boodhoo to track down the driver. The car is registered to a person currently residing abroad. But during their investigation, officers of Trou-aux-Biches learned that the car had been sold on paper to Mr. Vishal.

The young man has hired a lawyer. He was taken to the police station for questioning. He gave his version of events: “I was on the way home from a relative. My wife was with me when the accident occurred.” Jema was on a bicycle. Her cousins and she rode the bike when the car crashed into the schoolgirl. She suffered a broken leg.

After the impact, the driver stopped before fleeing, leaving the girl to her fate. “For two years now, I acquired my Mitsubishi car. Upon expiry of the insurance certificate and the road tax, I did not renew it,” conceded the driver.

The suspect appeared in Pamplemousses court. He was charged under several provisional charges: assault and reckless duty to rescue. He got several violations: for failing to transfer the car in his name; driving a car without insurance or road tax; vehicle tires are not up to standard. The suspect found freedom after providing a deposit.

Immobilized for three months
Jema is still hospitalized. On Monday, she underwent a delicate operation. His mother was at her bedside. “I could have lost my daughter that day,” she said. “I am relieved that the driver was arrested. He deserves severe punishment. His driving license should be taken away for life. My daughter was traumatized. I will claim compensation. This accident comes at a very bad time, my daughter was to take part in her exams. The doctor told us that she will take three months before she can walk again. She will have to rest all that time,” she laments.