Alleged Assaults: Scarred For Life; Two Victims Of ‘Torti’ Tells Their Stories

Torti whose real name Christophe Angeline was arrested on Tuesday during a commando operation, in a studio in Belle-Mare. He was then on the run for eight months. Two of the people whom he wronged agreed to testify openly.


Permanently disabled
He was hit by a car and assaulted the two occupants of the vehicle with swords and cudgels.  27 year old Yogeshwarsing Pryam is now disabled for life. He recalls that the suspect, Christopher Angeline shouted  «Tir lamin-la enn fwa.»

Yogeshwarsing Pryam.

Yogeshwarsing Pryam.

Yogeshwarsing Pryam had to travel to Chennai, India, for treatment following this. Since then, the former security agent intervention and part-time mechanic is no longer working. Besides, he struggles to pay off the debt of his operation, which would have cost Rs 1.4 million.

At Terre-Rouge, where we met Yogeshwarsing Pryam yesterday afternoon narrates the story of when his life changed. It happened on Monday 1st February  in a nightclub in Flic-en-Flac. Around 3 am, an altercation broke out between a group of people consisting among others of girls and Christophe Angeline and torque. Yogeshwarsing Pryam, who was the head of security, intervened to separate them and to ensure that the couple can leave the place.

But around 4.30 AM, the young “manhandled” man came back in front of the nightclub accompanied by a dozen vehicles. To avoid confrontation, Yogeshwarsing Pryam asks Christophe Angeline and her friends to go out the back door. But the suspect retorted: «Mo finn dépans Rs 20 000, mo pa pou pas par laport deryer.»

The security officers had to use force to board Angeline Christopher and his friends in their vehicle. He and one of his friends, a man named Kinsley Quirin lashed at Yogeshwarsing Pryam “. «Taler nou pou tir to manzé.»

Yogeshwarsing Pryam argues that he had worn no attention to these words. Shortly after his service ended, he returned home to Terre Rouge. While he is on a motorcycle on the highway up to the Northern bus terminal (Port-Louis), he notes thathe is being shadowed by a black car. He stops near the bridge of Roche-Bois before hitting the road. The black car is now not following him. Upon his arrival at St. Joseph road, he noticed that the car is back. It is right next to the Central Electricity Board of the station when the vehicle, driven by Christophe Angeline would have crashed into him.

Upon impact, Yogeshwarsing Pryam landed in front of the entrance of an inhabitant of this locality. He said he got up at once. But not feeling his left foot he starts yelling for help. Christophe Angeline would be out of the car armed with a club and Kinsley Quirin himself had a sword.

The security guard says that he was assaulted with unprecedented violence. When four to five people living in the yard came out to help him, the two alleged attackers had already fled.

Yogeshwarsing Pryam was taken to ‘l’hôpital du Nord’, where he spent a month before traveling to Chennai. Now he has only the pension of his mother to survive. The steps taken with the Ministry of Social Security would not, he said, so far failed.

«To pa pou gagn mari»
At 23, Jean Marie Justine Charlene has a huge scar on her cheeks. “To pa pou gagn mari,” lashed her alleged attacker, Christophe Angeline before inflicting  blows to the face and hand on 14 September.

Marie Charlène Justine Jean.

Marie Charlène Justine Jean.

Charlene Jean, who is mother of a girl aged 6, bitterly regrets having met Torti in 2015. They dated for a month before deciding to live together in Ste-Croix during three months.

After their first meeting, Christophe Angeline confessed to Charlene Jean he had served a sentence of three months in prison for having ransacked the house of his first wife and attacked his brother. In his new girlfriend, who had accepted all his faults, he confided that he had acted in self defense.

But while they were living together, Charlene Jean were to find that her partner was virtually absent from home and was leading the good life. Moreover, the latter allegedly ordered the young woman to stay home and not attend the neighborhood. Only after having heard the violent nature of her partner that Charlene had decided to break up.

On  14th September, the man decides to take action. Christophe would have landed at Angeline’s sister Charlene Jean without warning. And would have inflicted on the latter two swords in the face and a hand. Since then she has a disability. The suspect told him: «Topou gété si to kapav gagn mari. Zordi, mo pou kapav al rann mo lékor.»

Before the attack, Charlene Jean Christophe had to learn that Angeline was prowling the small hours in Baie du Tombeau. To add that since he was on the run, she lived with in fear. “What about the laws that exist for women?”  she asks.