Emigrating To Australia From Mauritius Just Got Easier Apparently

Those looking for a job in Australia can now try their luck. To reduce the bureaucracy and the number of rejected applications so far, the Australian Federal Government has decided to simplify procedures for obtaining a work visa. Decision will take effect on 19th  of November.

This temporary visa has been divided into four categories: seasonal Work Programme, training, research and specific activity. This concerns people wishing to work for diplomats, club sport, religious and researchers. Note that all requests can be made on:


The Department of Immigration and Border Protection also welcomes foreigners under other programs. For example, graduates in STEM courses (Science Technology, Engineering and Mechanics) from Australian universities get a special waiver since September. The reason: there is a high demand for these skills because they can contribute to the Australian economy.

Another way to migrate to Australia: be an entrepreneur at the head of a startup. We must first have an innovative project and have an Australian provider of funds with an average amount of $ 200 000. To qualify, one must be under 55 and speak fluent English.