Sergeant Sameer Hossenee: The Black Beast Of ‘Kaper Lékol’

Saying the name of the man, 44, assigned to the Brigade for the Protection of Minors in Northern Mauritius since 2007, gives chills especially to students from the region. The squad led by Sergeant Sameer Hossenee has earned a solid reputation. It gives a headache to those who are truant.

Sameer Hossenee has earned a solid reputation within the police force.

Sameer Hossenee has earned a solid reputation within the police force.

Indeed, in recent months, more than fifty tickets were erected in various gambling houses in the north. Students were busy playing billiards and were shocked when the sergeant Hossenee and his men raided the premises. The inhabitant of Belvedere leads the fight with the support of his men. “It is the duty of every police officer to carry out his mission to protect society. That’s what motivates me,” says the sergeant Hossenee , eyes sparkling with a keen intelligence.

The Brigade aimed to protect minors tackle the upsurge in cases of assaults and various abuses, including against children. Martinette Corinne, a resident of Cité Sainte-Claire in Goodlands, was accused of pimping of minors and child trafficking and she was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment.

At our level, we undertake a real work, said sergeant Hossenee. “I rely on a vast network of informants who put their trust in us.” The investigator and his men crisscross all the nooks and crannies of the area to put out sexual predators from harming the society.

The police sergeant is on all fronts. He and his men raid gambling houses and seep into prostitution rings. Earlier this month, a 19 year old man was arrested for making a sex tape that made the buzz on the Internet under the title “Gat”. “As soon as we are in the presence of an information, we act with diligence,” says Sergeant Hossenee. “Parfwa, letan pou manze pa gagne,” he said.

Besides operations, sergeant Hossenee consolidates his presence in colleges around Mauritius and in Rodrigues. “We focus on awareness campaigns among students and their parents.” The head of the Brigade of protection and his team also met the parents. “We often visit meetings of Parent-Teacher Associations to educate parents about the dangers their children may face.”