[Video] A Police Officer To Mahen Jhugroo: “I Will Report This To The Commissioner of Police”

“I will report this to the police commissioner.”This is what was said by a policeman, right in his boots to Mahen Jhugroo following an incident about peddlers on Saturday October 22 in Mahebourg.

The policeman obviously did not appreciate that the MP Mahen Jhugroo of MSM No. 12 [Mahébourg-Plaine-Magnien] and Chief Whip of the Government has questioned his decision to prohibit merchants to operate close to the Exhibition of Agriculture held this weekend at the Mahebourg waterfront.

Watch video:

Mahen Jhugroo then replied to him: “Okay.”

Merchants argue that they usually operate in this area and that the police want to hunt them because of the holding of the Agricultural Show.