[Video] Chase: Watch The Suspense Movie Created By Mauritians!

Daltons Production is back and the newly released video makes sure to grab the attention of one and all.
The 4.39 minute video makes one want to watch it till the end with bated breath.
The video depicts a small adventure by a group of friends who are seen chilling in a forest. While they all seem to be in a jovial mood, the atmosphere becomes tensed when one of them feels the presence of a weird creature.

And the chase then begins! Who is behind the turmoil of the friends? Is it a creature, an alien, a human or just an illusion? Watch the video to get the answer. We leave you in suspense!
The video casts Ahmad Ally, Salmaan Toofany, Samad Toofany, Kaleem Durbauree.

Watch video: