Calodyne: Twin Attacked By Ferocious Dogs; Rs 900,000 For Parents

“It’s not the amount that matters for my clients. But we must give a lesson to those who let their dogs loose so that other children do not suffer the same fate” said Nazroo Yahia, lawyer of the Vallet couple whose twins Oscar and Ronan were brutally attacked by a Rottweiler and an Alsatian in Calodyne six years ago. The couple accepted moral damages amounting to Rs 900,000 yesterday on Friday 21st October.

The case was called yesterday before the judge Marie Joseph Benjamin in the Supreme Court. An agreement was reached between the two parties. Thus, René Robert and Laurence Vallet, who had claimed damages of Rs 6 million to Choonucksing, the owner of two dogs accepted the offer of Rs 900,000.

The case dates back to 19th May 2010 at Calodyne. The twins returned from a walk with their nurses who used to look after them around 5.15 p.m. One of them was pushing a cradle in which Émilie, their little sister was. The other nanny was holding Oscar and Ronan’s hand.


A few meters from the residence of the couple Vallet, a dog jumped on Ronan and attacked him viciously. The nurse went to the rescue of the latter. At the same time, another dangerous dog came between the nanny and Rohan.

The nurse heard the screams and the two dogs then headed towards the main road. One of the big dogs attacked Oscar violently who was at that time in their path.

In their complaint, written by Mr Jaykar Gujadhur, Senior Attorney, the Vallet said that the twins were seriously injured. They were transported urgently to a private clinic where they each underwent surgery. René Robert and Laurence Vallet added that their son had been traumatized psychologically.

Yasdeo Choonucksing, one of the owners of the dogs was prosecuted criminally. He was sentenced to three months in prison. But his sentence was later commuted to community service.