Dangerous Motorcycle Races: The Possible Harsh Consequences

A teenager is seen lying completely on motorcycle and is riding the vehicle in this postion on public roads. The picture is the buzz on the web this week. Central Barracks are investigating.

Complaints about noise pollution caused by these illegal races are increasing. Although the police mounted operations to hunt down the followers of “runs”, races are more rising.  Didier Bot, who has abandoned the open roads for secure circuits, says he was one of the first to use this technique in Mauritius during runs. “Mopeds used in the runs are not designed for running. The driver has to lie to protect the headwind.

This aerodynamic position allows it to gain speed, ” he says. This technique is not safe, says Jean, a former pusher. “The fear that a dog crossing the road or that arise the slightest glitch in the engine is present, but the adrenaline makes us overcome this fear, especially when one is lying ahead of the race on the bike, with stomach pressed against the gas tank. ” The danger is omnipresent when the driver is in this posture. “It is even more dangerous because the head is exposed to danger. It’s a race between life and death, “admits Jean. Wild runs are usually held straight in isolated locations.


If the drivers wear a helmet, knee pads and a jacket, the fact remains that the risk of accidents is still high. Spectators stand on both sides of the road and, in case of slippage, watch the damage, because the bike is started at full speed. One of the favorite places for the followers of the runs is the Ring Road, Pailles. Speed buffs collide but, frequent police patrols make it difficult. “Football fans have started playing in the street. In our case, our favorite sport is racing bikes straight. Unfortunately, there is no such race in a legal framework, structured in Mauritius. We are forced to get to isolated places, such as the Ring Road.

On Saturday my friends and I go there to race and not bother anyone, because the place is hardly frequented. But the police stop us from practicing our sport there. If this continues, we will have no choice but to return to other traditional sites, including the circuit “Royal” at Camp-Chapelon, or on the Roche-Bois highway, ” says a motorcyclist owner a two-wheels painted in Red Bull colors and specially prepared for the runs.