Drug Trade In Prison: Up To Rs 100,000 Per Month “For An Accomplice Guardian”

Zamé mo ti pou trouv biyé koumsa divan mwa.” And that is precisely what prompted Serge (name changed) to give in to temptation. Prison guard, he accepted the proposal of a kingpin of transporting drugs … This man spoke to “L’express.”

The prison of Beau Bassin. A prison officer can easily be tempted by the large amounts offered to him by drug traffickers.

The prison of Beau Bassin. A prison officer can easily be tempted by the large amounts offered to him by drug traffickers.

In prison, Serge is not an exception. Moreover, according to the Commissioner of Prisons, Vinod Appadoo, there are “dirty prison officers easily intimidated by inmates.” He said this during his hearing before the commission of inquiry into drugs on Wednesday October 19.

L’express wanted to know more. A question was raised immediately: are these officers “Gourman larzan”? Not necessarily, says Vinod Appadoo. Some have difficulty to make ends meet. “An officer can earn a salary of Rs 15,000 and he often borrows to build a house,” he explains.

Moreover, “an accomplice may touch up to Rs 100 000 per month” by becoming a facilitator or another on behalf of the prisoners, reveals a person from the prison environment.

Vinod Appadoo continued by saying that when a prison guard encounter a “boss”, he is easily tempted. “All prison officers like to talk with inmates for a time pass. But some let themselves go by accepting the proposal of those mafia.”

This was notably the case of Serge, who is now in his sixties. Is he considered as a “dirty jail officer”? “I let myself be the prey of those prisoners by easy money,” answers this inhabitant of Port-Louis, converted into mechanic.

He also said that “when I got this job, those around me were proud. But I was not able to keep it.” After three years of service, he met one of the biggest traffickers detained in Beau Bassin. The latter would have offered to bring a package inside the prison. “He offered me a large sum of money. I accepted.”

A plan is developed but Serge is denounced by his colleagues at the last minute. Thus began the chore. “Everything collapsed around me. Those who denounced me were as villainous as me, but they were not happy that the trafficker has chosen me for this work.”

The prison guard thus loses his job but also the esteem of his family. “I was the black beast. Some members of my family do not speak to me…”

According to various witnesses, prison officers are often the puppet of mafia prisoners. “They recover the packages they bring inside. But their work is not limited to be smuggler,” said, in turn, Anand (name changed). Sentenced to 25 years in prison, he was released early for good behavior. Anand revealed that he learned the workings of drug trafficking in prison. “I watched a lot …”

Among the prison guards, there are some who are doing their job with passion and conviction, says this former prisoners. Despite the difficulties they face. “They are rare. They have the heart on the hand but do not fall into meanness. On the other hand, those who amenn rol séver lamem ki pli manzé.