Meet Manav Ramasamy: From Being A Street Kid To A Diploma Holder!

Manav Ramasamy, a resident of Bel-Air is 19 years old.

Previously he used to live on the streets but today he is an assistant cook in a hotel. While welcoming the path he has achieved, his deepest regret is that of his mother’s death last year.

“She would be proud to see me today. My parents dreamed of having a brilliant son, an obedient student while I hated school. I disliked monotonous classes, too academic. It’s not like today where various extracurricular activities included in the training program.

As a child I often feigned a stomach ache for not going to school. I then hung out for days in the streets,” he says. Reflecting on his past, Manav Ramasamy admitted having lost a lot of time doing nothing.

After the Form III, he wanted to end his schooling but then he met a wonderful teacher. “I owe her everything. It is thanks to this lady that I finally realized the importance of education. I joined the organization as the beneficiary and activities were organized to guide us. Gradually, I regained a taste for life. I was motivated to achieve something in my life. I wanted to advance to become someone.” he said.


“Everything is possible, if we become serious about life, so there is still time,” says the young man who is a patent holder in computer science and a diploma in hospitality.

His father has retired and Manav is now the sole breadwinner of the family. His goal is keep moving and be the master of his life.

“I make sure that my father does not lack anything. He is retired now I have to assume the role of head of household. At my age, children are more careless and feel they can spend all their time playing in the street. If I had not met this teacher, I know what I could have become today: an unemployed, but also a criminal, because children are exposed to serious hazards when they roam the streets, ” says Manav.