Beau Bassin: Firdoss “Mo pa ti atann mo garson pou bat mwa koumsa”

The Beau-Bassin police proceeded in the evening of Saturday October 22 to the arrest of a man of 49 years. The mother of the latter accused him of having attacked her by a sword.

The septuagenarian has undergone surgery.

The septuagenarian has undergone surgery.

An hour earlier, around 8:00 PM, the police received a call on the assault of an elderly woman of 73 years. The latter was wounded on the whole body with multiple injuries inflicted with a sword. Seriously injured, the septuagenarian was admitted to Victoria Hospital. A police investigation has been opened to shed light on this matter.


“Je regrette…”

When questioned by investigators, Hassen, who suffers from mental illness, has confessed. “My mother wanted to drink and asked me to buy her a drink. But I refused because I did not appreciate her fondness for the bottle. She is old and may have health problems. But my mother did not like this and she had a fight with me. In a moment of anger, I took a sword in the kitchen and I attacked her. Mo pa kone ki finn pas dan mo latet et mo finn bles mo mama. I regret what I did and I hope that my mother will recover fast,” he told investigators.

After interrogation he was taken into custody. On Monday, he appeared before the court of Rose Hill where an interim charge of assault with intent has been brought against him. Police had objected to his release on parole and he was taken back to the cell.

Investigators have not yet recorded the version of the victim because she had to undergo surgery. When she was met on her hospital bed, the mother said to be in shock. “This is the first time my son assaulted me. Mo pa ti atann mo garson pou bat mwa koumsa,” she says. But she rejects the allegations of his son concerning his alleged penchant for alcohol, “I do not know why he lied to the police.”

The investigation is under the supervision of the chief inspector Queneth.