[Exclusive] Petit Raffray: Three Police Officers Assault A Motorcyclist Who Showed Them His Middle Finger

It all started with a middle finger. While patrolling the streets of Petit Raffray on Saturday evening October 22, three police officers posted at Goodlands Police Station were insulted by a motorcyclist who was riding by. The officers stopped the motorcyclist and started to beat him, according to a witness.


The suspect apparently holds some grudge against the police force. While passing by the police van on Saturday evening October 22, he pointed his middle finger in disdain at the officers while continuing his way. Insulted, the police officers followed the motorcyclist and overtook him before ordering him to stop.

The motorcyclist obeyed. But as soon as the officers got off the van to speak to him, he unexpectedly started insulting them again. The officers managed to tackle and arrest the man. While proceeding with a body search on the suspect, cannabis was equally found on him. He was brought to the Week End Court on Sunday. A provisional charge should be retained against him today for assaulting police officers on duty as well as for the possession of cannabis.

Source: newsfeed.mu