Plaine Lauzun: An Employee Nitish Jagai Dies Of His Burns After An Explosion

Nitish Jagai, 34, a resident of résidences Chebel, Beau Bassin, was badly burned on Tuesday October 18 at his workplace at Plaine Lauzun following an explosion.

Nitish Jagai died of his burns on Sunday.

Nitish Jagai died of his burns on Sunday.

He did not survive his burns and passed away on Sunday October 23. Nitish Jagai and his colleagues were preparing the “primer” when the accident occurred. According to reports, there were also other chemicals on site. At one point, the primer fell on the floor and there was an explosion.

Nitish Jagai was badly burned and two of his colleagues had minor burns. They were taken to the Jeetoo hospital. Nitish Jagai, who was seriously wounded, was transferred to the burn unit of Victoria Hospital in Candos. According to the autopsy report, he died of septicemia.

Oumawtee Jagai, 64, his mother, is unable to accept that he tragically died. She explains that he got a job in Plaine Lauzun, about five months ago. Jim, the brother-in-law of Nitish Jagai confided to Défi Quotidien. “Mo bofrer finn dir mwa ti pe prepar primer e sa finn tom anba e finn ena enn explozion. C’est triste qu’il ait perdu la vie dans des circonstances tragiques. On laisse à la police le soin de faire son enquête,” he said. The funeral of the deceased were held at 2:30 PM on Sunday October 23.