Sexual Predator: “So latet ti fatigé,” Said The Mother Of Ashvin Boodhooa

Li enn extra bon garson !” There is no question the mother of Ashvin Boodhooa to think ill of him. A few days ago, the 25 year old man was arrested a third time for sexual touching. “Zamé mo finn gagn problem avek mo garson,” she says. However, she conceded that lately, “so latet ti fatigé, li pa ti normal“. So much that “mo pansé mo bizin amenn li kot dokter“.

Ashvin Boodhooa.

Ashvin Boodhooa.

The young man was arrested on Monday October 17 after attempting to molest a 14-year girl from Reunion Island. He confessed and was identified by the victim. Police objected to his release when he appeared before the court of Flacq and he remained in police custody.

In fact, Ashvin Boodhooa was already on probation for a case of touching of a British national of 22 years old. The act was committed back in August 6. He would have led the woman to the second floor of a restaurant before subjecting her to sexual touching. Before this case, two years ago, the inhabitant of Sept-Croisées, Trou-d’Eau-Douce had committed fondling on a teenager in Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche.

When asked, the cousin of the young man said he is convinced that it’s the stress that would have pushed him to do so. “C’est après s’être fait renvoyé d’un bateau de croisières qu’Ashvin est rentré au pays, au mois de juillet,” she says. Ashvin Boodhooa, who attended Sir Pierre Dalais school in Trou d’Eau Douce and Modern College of Flacq is described as someone “trankil, ki kontan res tousel”.

After college, he would have chained small jobs before signing up to work on a cruise ship.