[Exclusive] Rottweiler Attack In Calbasses: Victim Taken To Hospital For Stitches!

The incident took place in Calbasses. A 27 year old man was brutally attacked by the rottweiler of his brother in law. The man had come to pay a visit to the latter.

Rottweiler [Illustration photo]

Rottweiler [Illustration photo]

Unfortunately, the yard of the owner is not secure and thus, when the dog is let loose there is no definite safety.

The victim had to be transported to the SSRN hospital where he received twelve stitches. Upon inspection, doctors easily understood that the bite was from that of a Rottweiler. The victim then confessed that he was aware that his owner did not possess any permit of keeping a rottweiler at his place.

The police decided to open an investigation and the feroce dog tried to attack the police officers too when they reached the owner’s place. It was with much difficulty that the dog was finally tied by the owner himself.

Dog attacks in Mauritius is becoming an alarming issue and many people have become prey to ferocious attacks. Some argue that it is in the best interest of the society to ban dangerous dogs such as the Rottweiler. What is your view on this issue? Tell us in the comment section!