[Exclusive Video] Contribution: Watch Leader Parti Malin Dhanraj Aubeelucksingh Speech

The leader of Parti Malin, Dhanrajsingh Aubeeluck is making an urgent appeal to Mauritians and even those who are outside the country. Please make a contribution to help the leader of Parti Malin fight against the two big horses of the country.

He was live on the video on Monday October 24.

Watch video:

With your contribution, Dhanrajsingh Aubeeluck will get support and encouragement to keep going and help the country to move forward.

Here is the account number:

MCB: Mauritius Commercial Bank
A/C: 000444646620
IBAN: MU89MCBL0944000444646620000MUR

You can also donate via Credit Card through PayPal below:

(money will be given to Dhanrajsingh Aubeeluck at the end of the month)
Thanks for cooperation. God bless you and family and friends…

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