Former Counsilor Housna Shaik Raman Attacked With A Hammer: “J’ai vu la mort en face”

Housna Shaik Raman, 56, resident of Rose Hill, said she narrowly escaped death in broad daylight in the vicinity of Port Chambly.

Housa Shaik Raman was attacked in Pont Chambly.

Housa Shaik Raman was attacked in Pont Chambly.

This former councilor in Beau-Bassin / Rose-Hill was victim of a robbery on Sunday October 16 on the Coastal Road of Terre-Rouge, under the helpless eyes of her daughter.

The incident occurred around 4:30 PM in front of a shop. The fifties was attacked with a hammer in the knee by her assailant, who tried to make off with her bag. According to her, this incident happened in front of onlookers who attended the scene without intervening.

Housna Raman Shaik, who is a mother of three, is also a trader. She relates what actually happened to her on that fateful Sunday. “I visited the SSRN Hospital in Pamplemousses with my daughter for a visit to a patient. After the visit, we hit the road. At the height of Port Chambly, we stopped because I wanted to buy water in a crowded shop. ”

But Housna Shaik Raman had no idea that misfortune would strike her. “I’m out of the car, while my daughter stayed inside. After doing my shopping, I went out and I felt someone pulling me by the left arm. It was a suspicious individual who wanted to steal my purse,” she recounts.

The long ordeal of Housna began. “I resisted with all my strength, but my attacker hammered my knee so I let go. Horrified, my daughter wanted to help me, but the individual told her not to intervene: ‘Pa koste sinon mo kraz to figir ar marto’. I memorized the motorcycle license plate,” she explains.

The bag of the victim containing Rs 55,000, gold jewelry and two cell phones, was washed away before the thug gets on his motorcycle and disappeared. Housna Shaik Raman deplores the fact that no one came to her rescue. “Neither motorists passing by, nor the store’s customers have assisted me. They remained spectators of the scene,” she added.

The victim went to the police station in Terre Rouge where she made a statement. She was subsequently treated at Jeetoo hospital. The Criminal Investigation Division of Terre-Rouge took up the case. There have been no arrests to date.