Mahébourg: 41 Doses Of Heroin Seized From The Bike Of A Fisherman

The fisherman of 28 years, living cité la Chaux, Mahébourg, was in the cross-hairs of the Anti-Drug & Smuggling Unit (ADSU) of the South for some time. The ADSU indeed suspected to be a drug dealer who delivered the heroin to his customers on a motorcycle.

[Illustration photo]

[Illustration photo]

Determined to nail him, the bloodhounds mounted a surveillance operation on Monday October 24 in the region. While the suspect was on his red motorcycle, accompanied by another young man of 29 years, the police encircled them before making a search. A sum of Rs 1950, suspected to be from the sale of drugs, was found on him, while his friend had nothing compromising on him.

The officers then inspected his vehicle where 41 doses of heroin, carefully concealed under the seat were found. The dealer was taken to the office of the ADSU in Souillac for questioning. His motorcycle was seized for the purposes of the investigation. A search of his home has however given nothing.

The fisherman was brought to court on the same day, where a provisional charge of “possession of heroin for the purpose of selling” has been brought against him. Investigators objected to his release and he was kept in custody until October 31. As for his friend, he was released on parole after having given his version of events, where he denied any knowledge of the presence of drugs on the bike in question.