Montagne-Longue/Saint Croix: Two Shops Robbed In One Day

About Rs 200,000 were taken away in a single day. This is the assessment made after several thefts were reported to the police on Monday October 24. These thefts took place in several regions of the island.

Scene Of Crime

In Montagne-Longue, the shop owner told the police that on Sunday October 23, thieves broke into his shop between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM. They made off with several packs of cigarettes, chocolate, prepaid SIM cards, cereal boxes, milk bags, two mobile of Nokia brand and a sum of twenty thousand rupees. The value of the loot is estimated at Rs 105,000.

In St. Croix this time, another shop was robbed on Sunday October 23. According to the owner, it is in the evening of Sunday to Monday that the theft was committed. Several items were stolen in addition to a sum of Rs 10,000.

Two wallets in which 70 euros, bank cards and jewelry were stolen on Monday morning in Terrasson, Pointe-aux-Sables. When the victim woke up, a communications specialist, realized that the objects on the table in the dining room are gone. The sum of the booty amounted to Rs 55,000.

Another robbery at Roches Brunes this time. On Monday October 24 at 10:30 AM a babysitter told the Camp Levieux police that she was assaulted with blows of helmet by thieves, who were on a motorcycle. The thugs stole her gold chain. They then fled. Slightly injured, the 48 year old woman had to receive care. The stolen loot is estimated at Rs 10,000.