Synthetic Drug Trafficking: An Employee Of A Renowned Company Arrested In Ébène

The drug squad found bags containing the synthetic drug in the possession of a computer engineer in Ébène. The suspect confessed that he engages in drug trafficking.

Scene Of Crime

He will appear in the Rose Hill Court on Tuesday October 25.

He was under police surveillance for a while. This computer engineer, suspected of involvement in drug trafficking, was arrested by the team of the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) of Rose Hill on Monday around 9:45 AM. He is called Preetiviraj S., 32, a resident of Petit-Raffray, often found driving a BMW.

The alleged drug dealer works on behalf of a company located in the heart of Ébène. The ADSU team got information that he was involved in drug trafficking transactions for a while. The young man came by his vehicle in a parking of Ébène on Monday morning. He was about to go to his workplace when the bloodhounds of the anti-drug brigade surrounded him. A search was conducted and bags suspected of containing synthetic drugs were found on him.

He was immediately taken to the ADSU office in Rose Hill for questioning. Subsequently, S. Preetiviraj was taken in Petit Raffray to a search at his home. The anti-drug brigade has found other synthetic drugs packages there and other objects, including a scale and 16 empty sachets suspected of being used for drug trafficking. In all, the ADSU seized 26.4 grams of synthetic drugs with a street value of about Rs 50,000.

When asked, we learned that the young man confessed. “I make this trade, because I have a lot of debt,” he told investigators. According to our police sources, it is not ruled out that some of his customers would be employees of the firm in which he works. The suspect has hired a lawyer.

After his interrogation, he was taken into police cell. He will appear in court in Rose Hill on Tuesday, 25 October, under interim charge of drug trafficking. He was again questioned by detectives.

The investigation is under the supervision of the assistant police superintendent Vurdah and Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Bhojoo.

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