Vacoas: Son Mistreats His 63 Year Old Mother By Pulling Her Hair

She came out of her silence. A retired 63-year-old woman from Vacoas said she was abused for four years. His attacker is none other than her son. On Sunday night October 23, the sexagenarian was at home when her son came to ask her for money to buy drinks.


She out-rightly refused him. He then projected her to the ground before beating her. He also pulled her hair. On Monday October 24, the retiree went to Sodnac Police Station where she revealed everything. She also presented the strands of hair that his son had torn.

“Mo gayn bate avek mo garson depi katr an ek zame monn depoz plint kont li. Sak fwa li dir mwa li pou sanze me dimans li finn depas limit. Linn aras mo seve,” she told the police. The sexagenarian went to the hospital after her statement. The son is, meanwhile, wanted by the Sodnac police.