25-Year Prison Sentence For Having Raped His 72 Year Old Neighbour

35 year old Pierrot Immouche was sentenced to 25 years in prison on Wednesday 26th October in Intermediate Court for raping his neighbor of 72 years. Pierrot Immouche has given notice to appeal after sentencing pronounced by Azam Neerooa magistrates and Darshana Gayan the intermediate court.

The offense was committed 15th January 2012 at the victim’s place who was a widow and childless. She was living alone in a house made of iron sheets. Judges Neerooa Azam and Darshana Gayan judges stated that it is imperative to send “a strong message to sexual predators and to protect vulnerable targets such as the septuagenarian”.

Magistrates Azam Neerooa and Darshana Gayan thus concluded that a sentence of 25 years in prison is amply justified in this case. They pointed out that the accused had used violence on the victim. The victim had wounds to the neck, arms and genitals after rape.


She had also suffered from depression after the incident until she died. Magistrates Azam Neerooa and Darshana Gayan took into consideration the fact that the accused had no history of similar offenses. Defended by Jenny Mootealloo, Pierrot Immouche had been called to give evidence during argument.

He said that he missed his two daughters who were under his responsibility. He had pleaded for clemency for justice. According to the prosecution case, Pierrot Immouche went inside the house of the victim while he was under the influence of alcohol.

The septuagenarian was sleeping when Pierrot Immouche stormed inside her house using the back door. He then threw her and dragged her to the ground and raped her. Pierrot Immouche forced the septuagenarian to have sex with him under the threat of a knife.

After committing the crime, he even dozzed off  for a moment. Only the following afternoon that the victim had decided to come out of her silence and made a complaint to the police. She had been admitted to hospital. Numerous injuries were detected on the body of the lady. In their judgment, the Neerooa Azam and Darshana Gayan magistrates explained that Pierrot Immouche gave several versions to the police after he confessed. They recall that he even said that this is his neighbor who would have called for « faire gaté » and he used to go home.

But the intermediate court concluded that there is sufficient evidence that Pierrot Immouche raped his neighbor of 72 years.