[Audio] 8 Year Old Child Attacked By Two Dangerous Dogs In Albion

Considered as the best companion of man, the dog can turn into danger sometimes. This morning, an 8 year old boy was attacked by two dogs: a cane corso and a amstaff at Albion. The child was wounded in the head. He was admitted to the Burns Unit of Candos hospital and his condition inspires concern.

This case is reminiscent of another savage aggression by dogs, on 19th May 2010.

It was in Calodyne where two twins aged five and a French national aged 12 had been attacked by a Rottweiler and a German shepherd. One twin was admitted to the clinic for a month for treatment of severe head injuries. In August 2015, the owner of the dog was convicted of assault by inattention. Magistrate Renuka Dabee had requested a prison sentence of three months against him but suspended the sentence to be commuted to community service.


Since then, the family of the twins is suing the owner of the mastiffs and demanded Rs 6 million in damages. Regarding the dogs: rottweiler, Ramses, and the German shepherd, Shia, they were euthanized by MSAW.

What is the risk for the owner of two dogs of Albion? Several elements must be considered according to Ilshad Mansoor. As is the case at Calodyne, the cane corso and amstaff could also be quarantined. As for a possible euthanasia, a decision will be taken after the investigation initiated by the MSAW and the Animal Welfare Unit.