Grand Bay: Sex Worker Geraldine “Mo van mo lekor pou sweign mo fami”

Grand Bay police arrested in the evening of Friday October 21 a resident of St. Croix of 31 years. She offered her charms to a young man of 21 years against payment.

Prostitution in Mauritius.

Prostitution in Mauritius.

Geraldine R. comes from a modest family. She enjoys the oldest profession in the world due to lack of money. By the early evening of Friday, the lady, wearing a top and a miniskirt, was looking for customers in the Grand Bay area near a pub. At 7:30 PM, she was able to lure a 21-year resident of Goodlands. When she offered her services to the young man, the Grand Bay police approached them and told her that she was breaking the law.

The young man told investigators that Geraldine approached him and asked to have sex. “Misie mo pe tras enn lavi. Ou kapav donn mwa zis Rs 500 pou enn relasion.” The young woman was taken to the police station of Grand Bay, where she was subjected to an investigation. She then confessed and told investigators that she comes from a poor family.

“I do not do it for pleasure”
“I sell my charms to feed my sisters and my child. I had trouble getting a job. I opted for prostitution. I make the sidewalk for a few weeks because I have to make ends meet. Mo pa fer sa akoz li enn plezir… Mo vann mo lekor pou swegn mo fami,” pleaded the woman to investigators.

After her interrogation, she was put behind bars. On Saturday October 22, she appeared before the Bail and Remand Court, where a provisional charge of “soliciting for an immoral purpose male” was filed against her. Police had objected to her release on parole and she was renewed in police cell.

On Monday October 23, the resident of St. Croix was presented to the court of Pamplemousses for her conditional release of motion. She was released against a bail of Rs 3000.