Murder Of Anaïs: “Li ti extra zalou. Akoz sa mo tifi ti dir li mett enn poz.”

18 year old Anaïs Jean and 23 year old Jimmy Neerputh planned to get married in 2017. But the young woman was killed on Wednesday 26th October in her bathroom in Barkly, Beau Bassin by her boyfriend. Arrested by the police, Jimmy Neerputh has confessed.

He was placed in custody waiting to be introduced in court. Jimmy Neerputh stifled Anaïs, whose head was found in a bucket of water before taking flight, according to police investigation. The autopsy findings are expected in the evening. Jimmy Neerputh was arrested by police in Coromandel.


Anais and her boyfriend.

Still in shock, the mother of Anaïs Jean reveals that the suspect Jimmy Neerputh was “very jealous, even when [his daughter] spoke with her cousins.” « Au début, c’était un bon garçon. “Mai apre zot inn komans gayn diskityon. Mo tifi inn dir li mett enn poz pandan 2 mois apre pou guete kot sa arive. Mai li, li pann akcepte sa. Li ti enn bon garson, mai selma li ti impe kolerik. Li ti extra zalou. Akoz sa mo tifi ti dir li mett enn poz » said the mother.

The brother of Anaïs, who was returning home after taking part in examinations of the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE) was the one who made the gruesome discovery. Anaïs Jean and Jimmy Neerputh knew each other for three years. The young man came to live with Anaïs from time to time. Stéphane’s brother Jimmy Neerbuth, interviewed by Radio Plus, he did not know “kinn pase dan so latet. According to him, Jimmy was “a quiet boy” but he had “bad character”.