Sainte-Croix: A Mechanic Rip Off The Engine And Wheel Of Dineshsing Sungkur’s Car

Rs 35 000. This is the amount that Dineshsing Sungkur paid to a mechanic in June for his car to be repaired. This resident of Triolet aged 37 said he gave his Toyota Primio (year 96) to a mechanic in Sainte Croix. However, he fell naked in seeing the state of his car, three months later.

The car has neither wheels nor engine.

The car has neither wheels nor engine.

“Ma voiture n’est bonne qu’à la casse maintenant. Elle n’a plus ni moteur ni roues. Le véhicule a été abandonné dans une rue de Sainte-Croix depuis le mois dernier,” protested Dineshsing Sungkur.

Yet, he said, “when I sent the car to the mechanic for repairs, it was in good condition. I wanted it to be renovated. Every time I called the mechanic, his phone was off. So I went to his garage after yet another attempt. I remained shocked by what remains of my car. I have tried repeatedly to contact the mechanic and the dealer who got me in touch with this person, but in vain.”

The Défi Quotidien was able to get hold of the broker. He told us through a hostile tone before hanging up. A statement was recorded in the police station by Dineshsing Sungkur.