Vallée-des-Prêtres: Ashraf G. Steals Mobile Phones From Teenagers Met On Facebook

Ashraf G., 30, was looking for his prey on Facebook. After learning about the sale of a second-hand phone on a page of e-commerce on the social network, he asked the youth to meet him for an exchange. However, he disappeared after getting hold of the mobile device.

A 17 year old teenager complained against Ashraf G. on June 30, at the police station of Pope Hennessy. The suspect, aged 30, is accused of stealing mobile phones of teenagers he contacted on Facebook. He was arrested on Thursday October 20 by the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) from Port Louis South.

The victim, who lives in the west, says that five days before his testimony, he placed an ad to exchange a Samsung mobile phone G5 on an e-commerce page on Facebook.

“Enn garson apel Nishan finn propoz mwa pou sanz mo Samsung G5 kont enn Galaxy S7 Edge. Li finn kit so nimero ek li finn dir mwa zwenn li Porlwi ver 11 zer.. When I met him, I gave him my cell phone. He told me to wait because he had to go to Mauritius Telecom. But he never came.”
On Thursday October 20, the CID of Port Louis South arrested Ashraf G. who confessed. He told investigators that he created a fake profile on Facebook so that nobody can identify him.

“I stole the mobile phone of the adolescent to sell because I had an urgent need of money. I have already captured cell minors.”

Call for witnesses
During a search at his home in Vallée-des-Prêtres, investigators recovered cell phones of the adolescents. Ashraf G. appeared before the court in Port Louis, where an interim charge of theft was filed against him. Police objected to his release on parole and he was taken back into police cell.

Police suspect that Ashraf G. has trapped more victims who have not complained. The police appeal to witnesses asking them to make a statement. The investigation is under the supervision of the police superintendent Sailesh Kumar Behary.