24 Year Old Nurse Arrested For Making Fake Rs1000 Note

A 24 year old nurse has been pinned by the Belle-Mare police while attempting to fool a shopkeeper on Monday afternoon. He made a fake note using a wallet with an impression of Rs 1000.

It was around 12h30 when the suspect entered the store. 62 year old Sanjeev (pseudonym), the brother of the shopkeeper was present when the nursing officer entered the store. “In general, my brother works with his wife. The young man entered the shop. He asked for four packets of cigarettes and a soft drink. My brother served him.”

“The young man had bought various items for an amount of Rs 840. Once the cigarette packets and soft drink in hand, he stretched a cut of Rs 1000 to my brother. By touching the ticket, my brother knew immediately that it was a false one. He then tried to stop the young man running towards the exit. We alerted the neighborhood, “said Sanjeev.


The police of Belle Mare was informed. Passersby were able to control the nurse who was handed over to police. By examining the note, they discovered that the young man had used a wallet bearing an impression of Rs 1 000. He had taken both sides of the wallet and had pasted them.

The suspect was taken to Belle-Mare police station. The CID of Bel-Air-Rivière-Sèche is conducting the investigation. After a night in police cell, the young man appeared in the court of Flacq on Tuesday under a provisional charge of forgery and use. The latter confessed.