Barlow: The House Of The Seebaluck Couple Devastated By Fire; The Woman Hospitalized

Dewanlall and Amitaa Seebaluck, aged 66 and 60 respectively, have had a narrow escape. Their house made of wood under metal sheets was in flames on Tuesday night at Barlow. Dewanlall managed to save his wife and grand-son of 12 years from the fire. The sexagenarian was hospitalized, while Dewanlall has had his hair burnt. The origin of the fire remains unknown.


It was around 8:30 PM that the fire broke out. ” I was watching television. My wife, following a dialysis treatment, had gone to bed with our grand-son of 12 years. I heard a detonation. When I turned around, I saw the flames coming out of a room. I took my wife and my little son outside the house. She lost consciousness three times,” says Dewanlall.

“The fire spread very quickly. I took a container of water to extinguish the flames, but it had the opposite effect and the fire propagated. I received help from the neighborhood. Unfortunately, the fire destroyed along its way,” says the retiree. Firefighters and Rivière du Rempart Police were summoned to the scene of disaster. The injured couple was taken to the SSRN hospital in Pamplemousses. “I had the hair burned by the flames. They gave me an IV and my wife who is still in shock, was admitted,” said Dewanlall.

The disaster has mobilized the neighborhood. “We live here for 25 years. For ten years, we live in this house made of metal sheets. Now we have to live with relatives. We lost everything,” says one of the couple’s son.

The Attorney General Ravi Yerrigadoo went there to see the extent of damage. “We will provide assistance to the couple. Police and firefighters responded quickly,” he emphasized.