Mario Nobin: “Behind every criminal, there is a human being.”

The police force regrouped its new recruits on Wednesday for a symposium on International Humanitarian Law. The event was held at the Indira Gandhi Cultural Centre in Phoenix and was led by Sarah Swar and Perrine Louart who are two members of the Red Cross.

Present for the occasion, the police commissioner Mario Nobin reminded the police that they must respect the citizens. “The senior officers have to treat their officers well so that the latter can in turn treat the public with the same respect. We must not forget that behind every criminal, there is a human being. ”


He also commented on whether in practice it is possible not to use violence against citizens outside-the-law. He said “I will not hide that some police officers the have done in the past. But it is a minority, because the vast majority of police officers respect the dignity of every human being. The irony in the story is that for the moment, it is rather the police are attacked by the public in the exercise of their functions.”