Rs. 35 Million Of Heroin Seized: A Second Police Officer Arrested “Mo enn gard, les mo ale.”

A third arrest in the police investigation into the seizure of 2 kilograms of heroin on a police officer at the airport on Tuesday, October 25 was made.

Police officer Arvind Hurreechurn.

Police officer Arvind Hurreechurn.

Gary Bruno Gopaul was arrested on Thursday morning October 27 by the police. This inhabitant of Goodlands, aged 30, is assigned to the police station of Pamplemousses.

Police suspect Gary Bruno Gopaul to be involved in this traffic as he recently traveled abroad. He will be presented in court, where a provisional charge of importing heroin could be brought against him.

Two kilos of heroin, with a street value of Rs 35 million were discovered in the suitcase of Arvind Hurreechurn, a policeman assigned to the police station of Piton.

It all started on Tuesday night October 25. The flight MK 289 Air Mauritius touched the Mauritius ground at 7:40 PM from Madagascar. At the immigration, officers from the drug squad [ADSU] and the Anti Narcotics Section (ANS) of the Mauritius Revenue Autority (MRA) were on the alert.

The passenger Arvind Hurreechurn was already on the red list of the ANS, given his recent visit to Dubai. After collecting his luggage, the policeman thought that their job was completed. But after a few steps, he found himself surrounded by customs officers and detectives from ADSU.

The constable Arvind Hurreechurn suffered a brief interrogation during which he related that he had traveled to Madagascar for a holiday three days earlier. His bags were scanned by the scanner. During this exercise, Arvind Hurreechurn began to sweat under the gaze of his fellow officers.

His behavior seemed to confirm the suspicions of the police. The drugs were discovered when a package was found at the bottom of the suitcase. The police then found two kilos of heroin.

Yet Ashvin Hurreechurn said to the officers “Mo enn gard, les mo ale.” He also confirmed that he was aware of the presence of the drug in his luggage. Héroïne sa,” he launched to the police.

Information obtained by the ADSU also led to the arrest of a man named “Black”, a close friend to the constable Arvind Hurreechurn.