UK: Mauritian Family Living On the Streets Of North London

The Mauritian Nusaiba Chadun Bibi who is a former resident of Terre-Rouge, had a child with a Pole in 2007. However, the aggressiveness of her husband forced her to flee Poland to take refuge in England with her baby.  There, she met another Mauritian, with whom she had a child.

However, due to financial problems, the couple and their two children aged three and nine, were left homeless in the North London area.  Since 2009, Bibi Nusaiba Chadun tried in vain to leave England to join Maurice. The signature of the Pole is requested to renew the passport of his elder.


But the problem is that the biological father is apparently missing.  The family of Bibi Nusaiba Chadun is ready to welcome her into their house at Terre Rouge.33 year old Bibi Nusaiba Chadun, her partner and their two children are homeless in England for over a week.

However, they cannot come back to Mauritius as the Passport and Immigration Office cannot access the application to renew the passport of the elder.

Meanwhile, this Mauritian family sleeps on the streets of North London. « Mais à l’approche de l’hiver, pe fer de plis an pli fre dan lari lanwit » revealed Nusaiba Chadun.