Import Of Heroin: Another Police Officer Arrested

A new arrest has been made in the investigation of the heroin packages worth Rs 35 million discovered in the suitcase of police Arvind Hurreechurn, 29, on Tuesday at the airport.


Police constables Arvind Hurreechurn and Gary Bruneau Gopaul.

Gary Daniel Bruneau Gopaul, 30, another policeman assigned to the Pamplemousses police station was arrested on Thursday October 27.

Like Arvind Hurreechurn, the constable Gopaul is regarded as an important link in what appears to be a broad network. According to the overlap of the drug squad, the officer Arvind Hurreechurn was an intermediary between constable Gopaul and the network. Considered as close friends, he presented the constable Gopaul to the alleged mastermind of the traffic. It turns out that the inhabitant of Goodlands had two trips abroad in the last few years. Investigators believe that he may have also acted as a courier during these outings. Moreover, they believe that other officers could be involved. More arrests are expected.

At present, the suspects have not yet been heard by the bloodhounds. Arvind Hurreechurn, assigned to Piton police station and Shashikant Jayepall, 29, son of a prison guard, appeared in court of Mahebourg on Thursday. They were charged with drug trafficking and importation. The police objected to their release on bail. Gary Daniel Bruneau Gopaul will be presented in court on Friday for his indictment.

Arvind Hurreechurn, a resident of Rivière du Rempart, arrived in Mauritius on Tuesday at 7:40 PM on Air Mauritius MK 289 flight. The policeman returned from Madagascar. The officers of the drug squad and the Anti Narcotics Section of the Mauritius Revenue Autority were alert and waiting for the suspect. The police officer was already on the red list of the NSA and he was arrested for a search. The sniffer dogs of the police were involved.

Thus, police officers and customs officials discovered a false bottom in his suitcase in which they found 2 kg of heroin.

In two months, this is the third case where police officers are pinning their colleagues. Police Commissioner Mario Nobin; had argued from the start that “drug cases are very sensitive and that the police will be intransigent towards the black sheep of this service.”