Baie-du-Tombeau: Families Given 15 Days To Evacuate Their Homes For Jin-Fei Constructions

Jin Fei project was revived since four weeks. Excavation and construction work has begun. Therefore, a dozen families residing Florida, Baie-du-Tombeau, living on the land of Jin Fei in an irregular situation are in turmoil. They have been ordered to vacate the premises. Among those who received eviction letters include the Cangy, Batteri, Dumlaye, Joliecoeur and Malbrook families.

On Tuesday, the families received a letter from the Ministry of Housing and Lands, informing them that they have 15 days to evacuate. “Three people from the ministry came to give us our letter in person. A framework has told us that we are in the illegality and that we are on land of the State to be used for the Jin Fei project, “says Kathleen Cangy, who lives there with his family since four years.

Since these families got their letter of eviction, they no longer know what to do. «Nou pé galoup partou mé pa pé rési zwen personn. Nou pé promné dan Porlwi avek nou bann zanfan pou atann bann misié-la mé personn pa lé zwen nou», says Jeanine Batteri. «Zot pé tir nou dépi la mé zot bizin koné kot pou met nou» she says sadly.


Last year, the Minister of Labour Soodesh Callichurn and Parliamentary Private Secretary Sharvanand Ramkaun, both members of District No. 5 (Pamplemousses – Triolet) to which is attached Florida residence, went to meet them, for a visit places. “They promised to regularize us here and told to wait a little for them to do steps so that we can begin to pay for this land,” recalls Neopole Rosemay.

Last November, some families had even received a letter from the prime minister’s office to tell them that their request for the supply of water will be taken into consideration and that steps will follow. After all this hope, residents are adamant that they will not move. «Si tir nou la, nou pou dormi anba lamem, ar nou zanfan, paski nou péna plas pou alé» says a mother desperate family.

Sharvanand Ramkaun explains that his colleague Minister and he had visited these families. They were asked to write a letter to the Ministry of Housing and Lands to express their grievances. Now Sharvanand Ramkaun stresses that these families have to move as the Jin Fei project started. “There is construction taking place on this land and these people must leave. But we are making every effort so that the evacuation deadline be extended. We are currently doing a study to see where we can relocate these families, “he said.