CÉLINE: Tortured & Raped by 6 Men For Refusing To Offer Sexual Services

To meet her needs and those of her so and after being abandoned by her partner, Céline decided to resolve to prostitution.  That was the only way for her to survive despite the setbacks and risks.  Celine experienced a  horrific incident recently. She was trapped and was tortured and gang-raped by six men. An experience that tipped her life forever.

“If it was not my son, I seriously think I would have hanged myself after what they did to me. I had to sell my body to support my child, who was then an infant, after my partner has abandoned us. I know that people judge us badly, but this gives no right to anyone to impose horror.


Their faces remain engraved in my memory. I still hear their laughter and mockery in my head. In turn, these six beasts possessed me in that damned bungalow in Trou aux Biches. They raped me, sodomized me, tortured me with objects.

For nearly two hours, I was an object for them. This memory will never leave my head. They wanted to give me a lesson and I must admit they have not failed in their task. I was humiliated for refusing to offer sexual services to a regular customer while my son was ill on one particular day. The latter met her the next day (when her son was doing better) and told her “To pou kone ki mwa…” before molesting her when she met him in his bungalow.