Crime In Residence Barkly: Jimmy Neerput Suicide Attempt By Hanging Divides

Jimmy Neerput allegedly tried to hang himself with the help of a tree in Coromandel. This incident was reported by a source close to the investigation into the murder of Anaïs Jean. On the other hand, according to close relatives near the alleged murderer of the young girl of 18, they advance that he would have attempted to hang himself while in police cell at Rose Hill. These are remarks that has contradicted the police press service.

According to the source close to the investigation, Jimmy Neerput attached a sheet to a tree to commit suicide on Wednesday October 26. But the fabric was torn and he hurt himself by falling. The incident occurred just after Anais Jean was found dead at her home in Residence Barkly.

The young man of 21 years thereafter presented himself at the police station in Rose Hill where he confessed. The next day, on Thursday October 27 Neerput Jimmy, who complained of pain, was rushed to Victoria Hospital in Candos, where he was placed under observation. On Friday, he was transferred to the psychiatric hospital of Brown-Sequard.

It has been said that bloodhounds expect his full recovery before presenting him to the court in Rose Hill. The investigation is under the supervision of the Superintendent of Police Shyam Bansoodeb.

The young man confessed to having strangled Anaïs Jean before plunging her head into a bucket of water. It is the little cousin of the latter who discovered the murder. Jimmy Neerput explained that he committed the crime out of jealousy. She asked him to have a break in their relationship.

Jimmy Neerput was 17 years old when he made the acquaintance of Jean Anaïs. She was in the prevocational school of Bon et Perpétuel Secours in Beau-Bassin. They got engaged last year.