Drugs: A Network Of Heroin Trafficking In The Mauritius Police Force; ‘Black’ Arrested.

Arvind Hurreechurn, who lives at Temple Road in Rivière du Rempart, did not operate on his own account. But he was a key link in the network. For the mission, which was to fetch the two kilos of heroin from Madagascar, the “boss” had promised to pay him Rs 400,000.

Gary Bruno Gopaul et Arvind Hurreechun are both in police cell.

Gary Bruno Gopaul et Arvind Hurreechun are both in police cell.

But Arvind Hurreechurn has not had time to receive this payment. Officers from the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit (ADSU) were waiting for Arvind and they managed, with the help of customs and a sniffer dog to foil his plan. They intercepted his bag and its precious contents while he was preparing to cross the exit door.

Everything suggests that the proximity of the constable Arvind Hurreechurn, 30, with traffickers was known in his professional environment. The languages were quick to untie when he was arrested. “So larout pa ti bon. Linn gayn plizir warning,” says a senior officer.

His actions did not go unnoticed. His circle of friends was not seen favorably. His trips abroad raised questions. He traveled twice to Dubai. These movements arouse the curiosity of staff of the Anti-Narcotics Section of the Mauritius Revenue Authority. The ADSU officers also had an eye on him. There were talks in the Northern District Headquarters of Police as well.

After Arvind Hurreechurn,the police constable Gary Bruno Gopaul was also arrested into this matter. His relationship with Arvind Hurreechurn as well as his trips abroad gave the impression that he would be part of a network of traffickers in the police force.

On two occasions he recently visited Dubai. According to information gleaned by the ADSU, Gary Bruno Gopaul is also an important link in the team. He would have presented Arvind Hureechurn to the brain of the drug trafficking network.

Another member of the network is also in custody. Shashikant Jayepall, 29, also known as ‘Black’ has been arrested. He intended to head to Uganda on September 29 to receive a drug package. But he could not make the trip, subject to a ban from leaving the country because of his involvement in a criminal case.

Investigators are also interested in a police woman who would be close to the suspect Shashikant Jayepall. She had to fly to Uganda together with Shashikant Jayepall, but changed her mind when the latter has been stopped at the airport. The investigation is supervised by the Superintendent Azimah and Assistant Commissioner Choolun Bhojoo.