Illegal Pig Farming At Riche-Terre: Baby In Neighbourhood Gets Serious Lung Infection

The one year old boy is struggling between life and death. He suffers from a serious lung infection, more specifically with a bacteria from an illegal pig farm not far from his house. 31 year old Sylvette Marie, resident of Cecile Lane, Riche-Terre carefully monitors the health of her three children aged 11, 3 and 1 year respectively. She lives in anguish and prays that the worst does not happen to her last child, Edone. “Edone was born healthy. Four months after his birth, he was suffering from a serious infection and had a fever. He was vomiting. I  immediately rushed to the Jeetoo hospital.

My son was admitted and underwent radiography. According to the doctor, Edone contracted a lung infection. He received the serum for a week. The doctor asked me if I raised animals home. I said ‘no’ but my neighbor raised hogs, “said Sylvette.  On 7th July, Sylvette returns to the hospital and this time Edone was vomitting a yellow material and suffered from high fever. The small child underwent many medical tests.


“Once again, the infection was caused by bacteria. My child was transfered to the Pamplemousses SSRN hospital. The doctor diagnosed a serious lung infection. He said part of the lung was rotten. The  health condition of Edone deteriorated.

Prescribed medication had no effect. On 27th July, he underwent a delicate operation for four hours. Portions of infected lung was removed. The doctor asked me if I practiced livestock. I told him it was my neighbor and that the swine waste was illegally dumped in a drain. I made a complaint to the Abercombie police against this breeder, and I alerted the Environmental Police “said Sylvette. In August, after a long stay in hospital, Edone got back home. The Ministry of Health, the Environmental Police, the President of Pamplemouses District Council, Deeraj Sokur, among other authorities, raided the premises.

The officers were shocked to find that the farmer was operating without a license and did not hesitate to dump wastewater into the network all at the sewer and this constituted a real danger to the health of all residents. He was given a contravention.  It was confirmed that they contained pathogenic bacteria from this breeding. Sylvette regrets that since July the authorities have done nothing to dislodge this pig. “« La santé mo zenfan et la santé dimoune menace, à ce jour perna okene aksion » she said.