Arrested With Rs. 35 Million Of Heroin: The Police Officer Arvind Hurreechurn Found Dead In His Cell

The constable Arvind Hurreechurn was found dead in his cell at the Detention Centre in Moka on Saturday night October 29.

Police officer Arvind Hurreechurn.

Police officer Arvind Hurreechurn.

This inhabitant of Temple Road, Riviere du Rempart, aged 30, would have committed suicide by hanging with a sheet. An autopsy will be performed later in the day at the Victoria Hospital in Candos.

Assigned to the Piton police station, Arvind Hurreechurn was arrested on Tuesday October 25 at Plaisance airport as he returned from Madagascar. A package containing 2 kilos of heroin, estimated at Rs 35 million, was discovered in the false bottom of his suitcase.

Another officer, Gary Bruno Gopaul, assigned to Pamplemousses police station, was also arrested in the case.