Rodrigues: A 12 Year Old Girl Victim Of Sexual Touching In A “Shelter”

The holidays started badly for this 12 year old girl. She claims to have been sexually abused in a “shelter” for children in Rodrigues on Wednesday October 26. The alleged abuser is also a resident of the center, aged 12.

Sexual Touching

According to the mother of the victim, the case was informed only on Saturday. A policewoman and a responsible of the center visited her on the same day. They made her understood that her daughter was admitted to the Crève-Cœur hospital. When they reached there, the mother quickly interrogated her child about the issues and she unfolded the nightmare.

The girl said she was playing in the yard when the boy took her near a pond and performed fondling her. “Li finn al dir bann responsab, me de trwa zour apre ki bannla finn azir,” recalls the mother. The victim remains hospitalized. The latter took part in the examinations of the Certificate of Primary Education (CPE). The mother, aged 39, says that her four daughters, aged 16, 14, 12 and 8 years old, were placed in the “shelter” in 2015. They were admitted to the center “parski banla dir mo negliz mo bann zanfan,” says the mother.

L’Express tried to have a statement on that from the Deputy Commissioner and Head of the Commission for Child Development, Franchette Gaspard Pierre-Louis, but in vain.