Death Of Arvind Hurreechurn: The Images Of The Surveillance Camera Is Of ‘Bad Quality’

Image analysis of a surveillance camera overlooking the cell where prisoner Arvind Hurreechurn was found dead on the night of Saturday 29 to Sunday 30 October, has not worked because the images are “not of good quality”. This is the conclusion of a visit of the officers of the Human Rights Commission in Moka detention center on Sunday October 30.

Arvind Hurreechurn commits suicide in Moka detention center.

Arvind Hurreechurn commits suicide in Moka detention center.

The lifeless body of police officer Arvind Hurreechurn, 30, was found in cell No. 14 of Moka detention center. He had been detained since Tuesday October 25 after his arrest at Plaisance airport. Two kilograms of heroin estimated at Rs 35 million were discovered in his suitcase with a double bottom as he returned from Madagascar.

The autopsy concluded that Arvind Hurreechurn died of asphyxia due to hanging. He would have killed himself in his cell and the post-mortem examination did not detect any sign of a struggle on his body.

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The Central Criminal Investigation Department has opened an investigation to establish the circumstances surrounding the death of the resident of Temple Road, Rivière du Rempart, who was assigned to the Piton police station.

On Monday morning, investigators recorded the version of the five policemen who were on duty at Moka Detention Center on the night of Saturday October 29. They said that they make their rounds at intervals of 30 minutes in their statements. They said that during their round of 11:30 PM, Arvind Hurreechurn was discussing with other inmates. At one point, he reportedly told them he was going to bed.

The five police officers added that at their next round, 30 minutes later, they discovered the lifeless body of Arvind Hurreechurn in his cell.

When questioned by the police, prisoners of Moka Detention Centre said Arvind Hurreechurn was kind of jovial that night. They say he even hummed a few Bollywood songs.

The police investigation continues. In a statement to Radio Plus, the police commissioner Mario Nobin said it is a standard procedure to open an investigation when there is loss of life in a police cell.