The Suicide Of Arvind Hurreechurn Can Weaken The Investigation. Read Why.

The officer Arvind Hurreechurn, who was arrested last week with Rs 35 million worth of heroin while returning from Madagascar, was given death by hanging.

Arvind Hurreechurn commits suicide in Moka detention center.

Arvind Hurreechurn commits suicide in Moka detention center.

There is anger among relatives who demand the arrest of the brain of this drug network between Madagascar and Mauritius.

At the Hurreechurn family, residing Temple Road, Rivière du Rempart, the family members are still in shock. After the arrest of Arvind Hurreechurn, aged 29, for importing two kilograms of heroin last Tuesday October 25, the latter committed suicide. The family heard the news in the early morning of Sunday October 30.

The policeman was detained in Moka Detention Centre. An investigation was opened by the Major Crime Investigation Team with the Central Criminal Department Investigation to shed light on the exact circumstances of the tragedy. Representatives of the Committee on Human Rights, as well as the assistant police commissioner Devanand Reekoye were at the scene on Sunday morning.

At the detention center of Moka, it is not yet explained what could push the police officer to commit the irreparable act. Especially as at about 11:00 PM, the police officer Arvind was gossiping with other prisoners. Then around 11:30 PM, he was preparing himself to go to bed.

Incomprehension and anger
But half an hour later, during the routine check of the officer on duty, Arvind Hurreechurn committed suicide by hanging. He was taken to the hospital where his death was confirmed.

At the Hurreechurn family, the feeling of incomprehension and anger were palpable on Sunday. His mother was appalled. “Zonn met mo piti dan ladrog apre zonn touy li,” she says.

The brother of the police officer wants the investigation to unmask and punish severely the brain of this drug trafficking. “Bann trafikan pe zwe ar lavi dimounn. Zot pena pitie pou fami dimounn e zot pena pitie pou Moris,” he said.

The disappearance of his brother greatly affect their father, he advance. “My father is disabled and it is Arvind who took care of him. He leaves a great void after his suicide,” he says.

He added that the family was unaware of the illicit transactions of the policeman. “C’est maintenant qu’on découvre qu’il voyageait souvent pour Dubayy et qu’il s’est aussi rendu à Madagascar. À chaque fois qu’il s’absentait de la maison, il prétextait qu’il allait camper avec ses amis.”

Before this drug case, Arvind Hurreechurn was assigned to Piton police station. His autopsy confirmed a death by asphyxiation due to strangulation. He was cremated at the Piton cemetery on Sunday. A few police officers came to pay their last respects.

Investigation on the Madagascar / Mauritius network 

A few hours before his suicide, the police officer was interrogated by the Anti-Drug and Smuggling Unit. He would have cooperated fully with investigators, detailing his role in the drug trade. He revealed he would have got Rs 400 000 for the delivery of drugs. Another officer, Gary Bruno Gopaul was arrested. A third suspect, Shashikant Jayepall, 29, alias Black, is also behind bars. But with the death of Arvind Hurreechurn, the police investigation might take another turn. The police must dig deeper to collect more evidence in order to have a dossier against the other two suspects.

The lawyer Siddhartha Hawoldar believes that the investigation has been weakened. He argues that what the deceased police officer explained to his colleagues loses all meaning. “If he denounced people, how to prove it? He is not here to identify them. In this case, the investigation is weakening. There are exceptions. If the person wrote a letter – a dying statement – what he told the police remains important.”

The inspector Shiva Coothen, from the police press service said, meanwhile, that “les rondes ne peuvent être effectuées toutes les minutes.” He insists that prisoners can not be constantly monitored. He added that the Moka detention center is a “High Security Detention Center.”

During the day, the duty officer makes rounds every hour. In the evening, they are done every half hour. Regarding the mental state of the deceased, the inspector explained that he did not show any suicidal tendency. He was examined by a police doctor.